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Wood Experience

The Experience of Wood

Wood Experience is a collection that encompasses a variety of wood species in one single collection, ranging from classic oak to nostalgic ash to elegant walnut. Every single species of this wood collection is unique in its own individualistic sense, and every design face reflects the respective wood’s natural and distinct features like knots, curls and swirls.


The versatility of Wood Experience makes it an ideal selection for a plethora
of interior and architecture styles, whether it is a classic, luxury or Japandi
design concept.


5 Natural Colours

Wood Experience consists of 4 different shades for every personality:

bianco, beige, tortora, rovere and walnut.

WE01N (600x1200) (哑面)1.png

Bianco WE01N

WE03N (600x1200) (哑面) 1.png

Tortora WE03N

WE05N (600x1200) (哑面) 1 copy.png

Walnut WE05N

WE02N (600x1200) (哑面) (1)  1.png

Beige WE02N

WE04N (600x1200) (哑面) 1.png

Rovere WE04N

Size: 200x1200mm

Thickness: 9mm

Surface: Natural

Variation: V3

Application: Wall & Floor

Slip Resistance: R10

Tile images shown on this web page are for illustration purposes.

Please refer to actual tiles for final selection and confirm all specifications, colours & product availability with our Sales team, distributors, agents or dealers.


One Natural Finish

A carefully selected natural surface portrays the stone’s full potential, bringing an individualistic sense of personality to every room.

One Versatile Size

A standard 200x1200mm for versatile applications.




Feruni décor tiles are underlined by precision and meticulous craftsmanship to create a dazzling array of patterns to stunning effect.

WE01MSN 278x300mm.png


WE04MSN 278x300mm.png


WE02MSN 278x300mm.png


WE03MSN 278x300mm.png


WE05MSN 278x300mm.png

Size: 278x300mm