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Several coloured patterns on two base tiles, one white and one black, become the basis of Tape. This collection softly blends one pattern with another to effortlessly create different looks in the same room. The transition between different colours and shapes helps to define the spaces within the environment.



The six patterns are available in three shades: white, blue and black.

RETA 40.jpg

Base Black RETA 40

RETA 41.jpg
RETA 45.jpg
RETA 47.jpg

Mesh Half Black RETA 41

Grainy Half Black RETA 45

Zigzag Half Black RETA 47

RETA 42.jpg
RETA 46.jpg
RETA 48.jpg

Mesh Black RETA 42

Grainy Black RETA 46

Zigzag Black RETA 48

RETA 10.jpg

Base White RETA 10

RETA 11.jpg
RETA 15.jpg
RETA 17.jpg

Zigzag Half White RETA 17

Grainy Half White RETA 15

Mesh Half White RETA 11

RETA 12.jpg
RETA 16.jpg
RETA 18.jpg

Zigzag White RETA 18

Grainy White RETA 16

Mesh White RETA 12

RETA 21.jpg
RETA 25.jpg
RETA 27.jpg

Mesh Half Blue RETA 21

Grainy Half Blue RETA 25

Zigzag Half Blue RETA 27

RETA 22.jpg
RETA 26.jpg
RETA 28.jpg

Zigzag Blue RETA 28

Grainy Blue RETA 26

Mesh Blue RETA 22 

Size: 205x205mm

Thickness: 10mm

Surface: Matt

Variation: V2

Application : Wall & Floor

Tile images shown on this web page are for illustration purposes.

Please refer to actual tiles for final selection and confirm all specifications, colours & product availability with our Sales team, distributors, agents or dealers.


Designed by Raw Edges

Imagined by design duo of Raw Edges, Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay, to seem as if it was made out of rolls of colourful patterns that rest on the raw tiles, Tape produces various style combinations. The design comprises a base tile with a slight, chalky effect pattern and a range of eight patterns.

raw edges.JPG


A natural matte surface which is suitable for use both as floor and wall tile, for indoor and outdoor.