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At Feruni, it’s all about talent. People are our greatest asset and we aim to transform every Ferunian's career into a remarkable journey to success.


The Feruni Talent Centre is established to help shape every Ferunian’s career, groom hidden talent and guide them towards new opportunities within the organisation.


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here at Feruni.




We celebrate diversity and we value inclusion. We are committed to creating equality for all, regardless of race, religion, age or gender. With our diverse workforce, we are able to generate new ideas and view things from a unique perspective. In line with one of Feruni’s core purposes of Cultivating Talents, we respect and value each talent and we aim to bring out the best of these talents by providing a platform for them to excel. Ultimately, we believe that when people from different backgrounds come together, magic can happen.
Our employee demographics are represented by a diverse workforce that reflects our commitment in our practice for diversity and inclusion.




Sheng Fong, who joined Feruni as a fresh graduate, puts his degree in industrial design knowledge and education to the test and has since created numerous outstanding tile collections for the company.



At Feruni, we are constantly focused on cultivating talents and helping them to achieve transformation in their lives. We don’t just offer jobs, we help build careers. The Career Transformation Plan (CTP) is specially developed to help our talents embark on a journey of self-discovery and happiness. Tailored to each talent’s individual needs, it brings out their best potential and guide them in achieving their career goals.

We are constantly on the lookout for new talents who share our values to welcome them into the Feruni family. Feeling interested to be part of our                                                                   



Our internship programme helps students discover and develop their passion, skills and abilities. We also open our doors to interns who wish to re-join the Feruni family as a full-time employee upon completing their studies. Take a look at some of our talents who have successfully converted their internships into permanent employment.