6 Ways To Spice Up Your Home

May 27, 2017

If you’re starting to feel bored with the way your home looks, it’s time to jazz up your space. This does not necessarily mean spending a small fortune to renovate your home. All you need is to introduce a new surface – whether it’s the floor or wall, or both – and you’ll be amazed by how a little can go a long way to spruce up your home.



Dark floors

Dark wood floors add sophistication and mystique, especially when paired with neutral interiors. However, due to the high cost of installation and high maintenance of solid wood flooring, choosing tile flooring in a similar look, such as Feruni’s Re.Claim collection, is a more practical and cost-efficient option.


















Stone sensation

The idea of stone walls in the bathroom is nothing new, but the trend has shifted to muted colours and highly textured surfaces that exude a modern yet luxurious appearance. Feruni’s Material Stone of Cerim series of tiles feature stone of different variations which can be mixed and matched to create a personalised design.

















Geometric effect

Draw the eyes to the floor with an attractive combination of colours and shapes from Feruni’s Basaltina collection. With its complementary tones and textured surface, this dazzling geometrical design perks up the space with a completely modern and vibrant approach.


























Behind the bed

Create a focal point in the bedroom with a three-dimensional design. Feruni’s Oceanic 2.0 collection recalls the look and feel of natural stone by the ocean, adding interest to the bedroom’s feature wall while introducing a calm ambiance for a good night’s sleep.





















Kitchen embellishment

The kitchen backsplash is a great place to experiment with new and exciting designs. Feruni’s Cemento 2.0 comes in 18 different patterns that can be installed singularly or combined as desired – providing a stunning highlight to the kitchen.

































Welcome note

Make a powerful first impression at your doorstep. The beautiful textures and tones of the Lavagna series of tiles help to transform a dull porch into a striking space that leaves guests in awe before they even step into your house.