5 Creative Ways To Use Tiles

May 4, 2017

Do you think tiles are only limited to the walls and floors of the bathroom or kitchen? You might just change your mind once you learn how tiles can transform even the most mundane spaces into interesting focal points in the house! Here are 5 ways to use tiles in ways that help you to add some personality in any area.





Many homeowners opt for a tiled kitchen countertop for many reasons: easy to care for, less prone to staining and available in a variety of designs. In fact, the same can be applied to the bathroom countertop too. Pick a design that complements the wall and floor tiles of the bathroom, or choose a contrasting colour if you’re feeling bold.




















A kitchen backsplash is not only a necessity to protect walls from moisture, it is also a great way to add a splash of colour or pattern to complement your kitchen. Choose a recurring tile pattern in a neutral colour to maintain the look of a timeless kitchen design, or go for a mix-and-match of designs and colours to create an eye-catching effect.


















Looking for a more durable yet interesting tabletop? Forgo wood and use tiles for your tabletop surface instead – they’re not only low in maintenance; they look great for years too! A tiled tabletop makes for a striking and unique addition to any environment, whether it’s the dining room, outdoor patio or balcony.





















In homes with an open layout, it’s sometimes challenging to properly segregate the different areas to optimise space usage. Instead of using large rugs, which can be costly and difficult to maintain in the long run, use tiles to establish a visual boundary in between areas. For instance, use tile of a different design or colour to differentiate the living and dining rooms, or the wet and dry kitchens.




















Tiles are an ideal choice to introduce texture or colour into a room. When using tiles as a decorative element on a feature wall or a plain corner, it helps to create a visual impact in a unique, interesting and cost-effective way. 

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