What You Need To Know Before Shopping For Tiles

April 10, 2017


Tiles are an essential part of a home. They are functional, durable and easy to maintain while making a beautiful addition for the home. There are endless tile selections to choose from, whether you’re going for a major renovation or you’re just looking to spruce up your décor. 


However, shopping for tiles can be a daunting task, especially if you are clueless about choosing the right tiles for your home. Read on to learn the basics about tiles and find out what’s best for your home.





Ceramic Tiles

★ A popular choice due to the wide range of designs, colours and surfaces available. 

★ Comprise a mixture of clay and other materials, making it easier to cut during installation. 

★ Usually more cost effective than porcelain tiles as they are easy to maintain and clean.

★ Suitable for both wall and floor applications.


Porcelain Tiles

★ A form of ceramic tiles that are fired at extremely high temperatures, giving them higher density, less porosity and greater resistance than ceramic tiles. 

★ More durable for high-traffic areas.

★ Ideal for both wall and floor applications, whether indoors or outdoors.


Natural Stone

★ Natural stone such as marble, travertine or granite offer beautiful colours and designs, but they are difficult to maintain. 

★ Prone to staining and scratching.

★ Porous, making it unsuitable for moisture-prone areas such as the bathroom. 

★ Costly to install and maintain.





Your wall and floor surfaces help to set the décor theme or colour scheme of a space. From modern and contemporary to classic and rustic, tiles come in various designs to help you achieve the desired look.


Natural Stone

Brings the natural textures and stunning colours of slate, sandstone, limestone, marble, travertine and other quartzite on porcelain tiles.


Natural Wood
Recreates the beauty of textures, colours and patterns of natural wood on porcelain tiles.



A contemporary design which combines aesthetic, durability and ease of maintenance into tiles that won’t scratch or stain. 



From black and white to earth-inspired hues to everything in between, coloured tiles help to add visual interest in any room.





The tiles that you select must be functionally suitable for the area of application. Some wall tiles which are smooth and highly-glossed are not suitable to be used on the floor. Be extra careful about choosing slip resistant tiles which are textured or comes with a matte finish, especially for moisture-prone areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, balcony or porch.





Smaller tiles are great for compact rooms. They require less cutting and can fit between fixtures when installed in a bathroom. Larger tiles give the impression of a bigger room and are easier to clean as less grout is exposed.


Feruni’s Modular Sizes make it easy for tile installation and calculation as a mixture of sizes are combined in a box to create a variety of designs. All you have to do is provide the size of the area that you wish to tile and a complete set of precise pre-cut sizes will be readily prepared for easy assembly.


If you’re unsure about how much tiles you should buy, just ask Feruni’s Solution Consultants and they will help you to calculate how much you need for your home. A rule of thumb is to allocate an additional 10% of tiles for breakages and future use.





There’s a common misconception that beautiful tiles are costly. In fact, using tiles instead of natural stone or natural wood for your surfaces will help you to save a significant amount in cleaning and maintenance in the long run. Explore Feruni’s extensive range of affordable yet premium tiles at www.feruni.com.

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