Affordable Luxury at Feruni

March 15, 2017



The word luxury is often associated with products that are generally deemed “good” with beautiful design, high quality and fine craftsmanship. As consumer behaviour becomes increasingly discerning, retailers of luxury brands realise the need to make the jump from being just “good” to “great”. To make good products great, the element of premiumisation comes into play. 


Originally created for the alcohol and beverage market, the term premiumisation has now become a retail trend and extended to various industries: F&B, fashion, beauty, hospitality, and more. Premiumisation began to emerge in the consumer market in the 1990s, but is now more pertinent than ever as consumers seek differentiation in their purchases.


However, premium and luxury products can also mean expensive products. While premiumisation may be regarded as offering consumers a taste of luxury, it can also mean offering high-end products at affordable prices - an approach that is being adopted by retailers now more than ever.


For Feruni, premiumisation is all about making great products more accessible, where premium goods can be enjoyed by all. Hence, our “Affordable Luxury” concept emphasises on delivering tiles at affordable prices without compromising on design or quality. We also strive to break the general perception that great things come with high prices.


Ultimately, we believe in offering premium and beautiful tiles to enhance the living environment without breaking the bank. Our extensive range of tiles are created to embody the world’s latest tile trends which are competitively-priced to offer broader purchase options for the customer.


At the same time, we embody premiumisation not only in our “Affordable Luxury” range of products, but also in offering world-class customer service focused on personalisation to add an extra touch to the customer’s overall buying experience. 


Through Feruni’s unique 6 key experiences, every customer who walks into one of its Feruni Retail Stores will be given a personalised service to create a memorable and fulfilling shopping experience. From one-to-one consultation to complimentary 3D renderings, we offer a unique customer experience within our gallery-esque retail stores.







Explore premium tiles, a world-class shopping experience and our “Affordable Luxury” concept at your nearest Feruni Retail Store.

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