A Look at Feruni’s Milestones

February 24, 2017



Since its inception in 2010, Feruni has established itself as one of the leading brands of premium tiles across Malaysia which focuses on delivering happiness to customers and employees through its products, services and culture.


As Feruni celebrates its 7th anniversary this year, let’s take a look at the company’s past milestones and what’s in store for this year and beyond.




This is the year that Feruni was established and the first ever Feruni Retail Store (FRS), which features a gallery-inspired concept, was unveiled in Malaysia. 


The FRS is designed with Feruni’s unique 6 Key Experiences, which emphasises on delivering world-class customer service from the moment a customer steps into the showroom. This concept was integrated into all future FRS showrooms across the country. 









2011 - 2014

The next four years after Feruni’s establishment were focused not just on further developing the 6 Key Experiences concept, but also on introducing innovative products according to the world’s latest tile trends. 


The growing collection of Feruni tiles were based upon the fundamentals of four distinct design concepts – Natural Wood, Natural Stone, Cement and Colour. 














During this time, Feruni also launched its signature collection, I Shapes, which features a variety of geometrical shapes to bring a new dimension to tiled surfaces.









Feruni embarks on a journey of transformation in 2015 with a brand-new culture focusing on delivering happiness. The Feruni Culture is built upon 4 key purposes – Cultivating Talents, Community, Transformation and Value-based Organisation. 


The Feruni workspace was revamped to reflect the Feruni Culture to create a fun and dynamic space for employees to achieve happiness at work.


















Feruni’s commitment to making a positive impact in the community includes the launch of the Feruni Tiling Academy (FTA), a specialised training programme to uplift the lives of the community and transform the tiling industry.















FTA is established as a CSR initiative to offer sponsorships focused on the education of tiling installation methodology and best practices.






In 2017, Feruni gears itself for the next business growth and spread its wings across southeast Asia with the unique FRS concept and Feruni Culture. 


At the same time, Feruni expands its efforts in reaching out to the community through the Feruni CSR arm, which comprises FTA and the Discover Feruni Tour.