5 Ways to Add WOW with Cemento 2.0 Geometric Patchwork

January 10, 2017

Feruni tiles are the perfect option to add another aesthetic dimension to all kinds of spaces, whether it’s the living hall, bathroom, kitchen or study area.


The Cemento 2.0 Geometric Patchwork tiles are one of our bestsellers, and for good reason. Made with an innovative digital printing technology to produce 18 different patterns that can be laid randomly and infinitely, Cemento 2.0 Geometric Patchwork lets you create your own random composition to achieve your desired look.


Here’s a look at 5 inspiring ways to play and match with the Cemento 2.0 Geometric

Patchwork tiles:



Defining A Bathroom Space

Feature walls are a common thing, but feature floors are a new way to add interest to the floor and help define an area within a room, such as the bathroom. The Cemento 2.0 Geometric Patchwork tiles are used here to define the sink and bathroom counter.
















Decorating The Courtyard
The Cemento 2.0 series is an extremely versatile tile collection and can be used for walls or floors, indoors or outdoors. The floor of this semi-outdoor courtyard is beautifully furnished with Cemento 2.0 Geometric Patchwork tiles, which add to the nature-inspired mood of this space.





















Segmenting The Shower Area

Cemento 2.0 tiles come with anti-slip finishing, making it suitable for application even in moisture-prone areas such as the shower stall. Best of all, you can mix-and-match Cemento 2.0 Geometric Patchwork with any combination from 18 different designs to blend with your bathroom ambiance.
















Protecting Kitchen Walls

Kitchen backsplashes are meant to protect your walls from splashes and splatters, but it doesn’t mean they can’t look amazing too. The random composition of Cemento 2.0 Geometric Patchwork tiles offers a great way to create an eye-catching design element to the kitchen.








As Sink Countertop

Tiles are a practical bathroom countertop option as they are easy to maintain and durable against moisture. Add a fun element to a neutral bathroom by applying Cemento 2.0 Geometric Patchwork tiles on the countertop surface and instantly bring the bathroom space to life.




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