December 25, 2016

Have you ever considered a career in the tiling industry? What? Tiles? 


I hear a resounding NO, and like most other graduates and younger generation hitting the employment market, the construction business (unless your dad handed the business to you!) including the tiling industry is not even on your ‘to consider’ list of choice employment. In fact, you probably never even thought there was such an industry… until you renovate your house that is, even then you’d probably leave it to the contractors.





















And that is exactly what inspired one man to make a change. When he embarked on this grand transformative  mission of his to revolutionise an industry, Dato CC Ngei (CC)was labeled as mad and other industry players called him crazy! CC took a deep hard look at his business and the future of the industry and he knew that it was something he had to do in order to build a sustainable business. Feruni Ceramiche was born, a brand in an age old industry that is not known for putting people, passion and purpose at the forefront of the business. And that is exactly what FERUNI stands for.























As a values based organisation, FERUNI is driven by its 4 main purpose and powered by its 10 core values. One of its purposes is COMMUNITY, and Feruni connects with the community through various platforms including a half day tour of Feruni HQ. A tour hosted by the man himself and is a no holes barred knowledge sharing session by CC and the tour gives everyone a comprehensive and detailed look into the Feruni culture and the organisation. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to be apart of the DMT ST group of which CC is also involved with, and even with his tight schedule CC freed up time on a Friday to specially cater for this group of entrepreneurs. As i had heard so much about CC and the Feruni culture, the opportunity to visit Feruni and spend quality time CC was not to be missed and with his permission, i rounded up as many of The PulsElites and headed to Feruni HQ.


While the tour itself is eye-opening enough, the story of how Feruni came to be, the sacrifices (huge financial too!!) made, the positivity of CC & The Ferunians, and the drive to build and contribute to the community is awe inspiring.  I won’t dive into describing the Feruni HQ because words will not do it any justice. (Please do read the article links at the end of this post to get a glimpse of the Feruni HQ) From the Happiness Cafe with free coffee and snacks, to the Talent and Culture centres, to its mini stage where Freunians showcase their talents, the modern open office (yes CC sits in a nondescript corner) is itself an iconic feature on its own. It is only befitting to call Feruni the Google of the tiling industry.


It would be nearly impossible to try and translate everything i learned (and still learning) from CC in that few hours into a blog post, so here are some interesting points i captured.

I highly recommend you try and get a spot on one of the Feruni tours to experience Feruni and expand your knowledge.









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