From The World Stage To Your Personal Space

December 5, 2016


If you love wearing designer clothes, chances are you’ll probably love decking out your home with designer furniture  too. With Feruni, you can take your love of designer items a step further with our exclusive Designer Collection, a  spectacular tile collection showcasing some of the most avant-garde tiles created by world-renowned designers such  as Patricia Urquiola, Tokujin Yoshioka, Rodolfo Dordoni, Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay.


 With the Designer Collection, each of these award-winning designers brings forth their individual aesthetics in  creating one-of-a-kind tiles influenced by their diverse backgrounds. 



 Patricia Urquiola, the versatile Spanish-born designer, combines visually stunning motifs with  innovative techniques  into her designs, comprising Azulej, Bas-Relief and Déchirer. Azulej  brings to mind the ancient handcrafted majolica  characterised by handmade features and  plays on the patchwork composition to achieve an innovative mix and patch,  whereas the  Bas-Relief handmade series is composed of patterns obtained by extrusion and brings  together four  motifs based on theme of the relief and crack in several versions and depth.  Déchirer, which is inspired by the opacity  and chromaticism of concrete, combines surfaces,  textures, and different materials into a stunning tile collection.




 The next is award-winning Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka, who incorporates the textures  of material derived  from nature into the Phenomenon collection. This minimalist collection  translates the natural forms and structures  such as honeycombs, snow crystals, icicles and  plant cells onto tiles. 




 Taking a slightly different approach to tile design is Italian architect and designer Rodolfo  Dordoni with his Toile  series. Toile bears resemblance to the continuous flow of textile,  creating a soft sensation and three-dimensional  effect that give a sense of movement to

 the space.




 Last but not least, Israeli-born, London-based design duo Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay of Raw  Edges Design Studio  lends a culturally distinct touch on their tile collection, Folded. The  Folded  series is exquisitely designed to reproduce  the effect of folded paper on ceramics, as  inspired by the repetitive tile  patterns in old apartments in Tel Aviv.























With the Designer Collection, it’s now easy to add an award-winning designer’s touch to your home and transform it  into a stylish space that reflects your discerning sense of style.

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