Shape For All Reasons

November 24, 2016

 Driven by our passion to transform the tiling industry with the world’s latest tile trends, Feruni offers a boundless selection of tiles to infuse a lifestyle element into any space. 


We see tiles beyond the square shape and seek product breakthrough in terms of the design and functionality. With our signature i Shape collection, we have made our mark as a pioneer in Malaysia to introduce tiles that come in nine shapes and six sizes with multiple colours of your choice. 


The i Shape goes beyond the conventional square shape of tiles and offers tiles inspired by the natural geometrical elements of nature. 


Among them is the i Hexagon, which is named for its hexagonal shape. A popular symbol found in both science and nature, the hexagon is a versatile shape that can be applied across various applications. A variation of the i Hexagon is the i Honeycomb, which mimics the natural form of the hexagonal wax cells built by honey bees. Both the i Hexagon and i Honeycomb can be combined with great effect for walls or floors.


Other geometrical shapes in this collection includes the i Triangle and i Rhombus. Often called a diamond, kite and lozenge shape, a rhombus is a special type of parallelogram with all four sides are the same length. With i Rhombus, your surfaces are given a three-dimensional spin where a series of rhombus-shaped tiles are collectively arranged to bring depth and texture to any surface. 


The i Plus is created after the mathematical symbol of addition, or plus, while the i Puzzle comprises jigsaw puzzle cut-outs that fit perfectly into one another. The i Axe tile forms an unusual pattern when pieced together and it creates an undulating wave on the walls or floors. With curved sides that seamlessly dovecot into each other, the i Link creates a three-dimensional effect when applied in different textures and shades. The i Circle range offers an unparalleled decorative look and feel, as it is best used to create an eye-catching aesthetic to make a statement in any room.


With the i Shape collection, you are free think out of the box with tiles that perfectly captures your self-expression and style.

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