Install Tiles the Right Way with Feruni i Care

September 9, 2016

Renovating with tiles is similar to making clothes. Imagine that you’ve purchased an exquisite piece of fabric to make a new garment, but the tailor lacks the skills to turn it into a right fit for you. The result would be less than perfect even if you have a beautiful piece of fabric. The same applies for tiles.


You’ve chosen a beautiful tiles design to realise your dream home, but when it comes to tiles installation are you getting below par results? If you think you’re the only one with this issue, fret not. In fact, countless home owners have this less-than-pleasant experience when they hire a sub-contractor or tiler to help them with installing new tiles.


Rectifying a poor tiling job is a hassle and it should be avoided at a cost. Whether you opt to hire a tiler or attempt to do-it-yourself, it is essential to get it right the first time. With Feruni i Care, you don’t have to be an expert tiler to learn how to install tiles with the proper method.




Feruni i Care is a comprehensive tiles installation and care guide to help you achieve proper, high-quality and long-lasting results. Besides providing the steps involved before, during and after installation, Feruni i Care also details the correct technical methods and sequence of application for tiling works.


Some areas that you should take note of before you start installing the tiles include checking the tiles code and specifications to ensure the tiles delivered are as what have been purchased. You should also prepare the right type of tools required to complete the tiling job, as well as selecting the most suitable grout colour to match your tiles design. It is also necessary to dry lay the tiles and check the floor’s planarity before you start installing tiles. 


During installation, a series of steps must be followed closely to ensure tiles are properly installed, from preparing admixture to using tools to applying grout. Proper care and maintenance is also an important step after tiles installation. Tilers often use harsh chemicals to clean up excess grout or remove residue from the surface walls and floors, which may damage the tiles surface and cause it to lose its colour and shine. Likewise, the right kind of cleaning agents should be used for regular maintenance to ensure your tiles will remain beautiful for years to come.


The complete Feruni i Care guide is provided to all customers who purchase Feruni tiles. If you wish to learn more, watch our i Care video in the link below.

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