Having Fun At Work

September 8, 2016


Having fun at work is a top priority at Feruni as we aim to Deliver Happiness in every aspect of the organisation. With our fun-centric workplace emphasising on work-life integration, we want to ensure that every Ferunian enjoys a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


What constitutes as having fun at work? To some people, it means taking a break from a long work day to play a video game, play foosball or hitting the gym. To others, it simply means partaking in team building activities to get to know their co-workers better. At Feruni, all this and more are readily available for all Ferunians.


The Feruni Club is established to let Ferunians have fun at work while learning new things each day. It encourages Ferunians to play, share and develop skills through various activities, whether individually or in a team.


For those who love to sit back and relax with a good book, our Literati Club is the best place to be. Ferunians are encouraged to join a sharing session to discuss about what they have learned from the book and exchange ideas and thoughts with their fellow co-workers. 




Gamer’s Den is the Game Club is where Ferunians are able to unwind with a game of pool or PlayStation 4, while Broadway gives them the opportunity to take centrestage to unleash their hidden talent in singing or dancing. The Gourmet Club lets Ferunians hone their cooking skills and whip up delicious dishes at the Feruni café. Fitness buffs have the option of either joining the Fit Factory and hit the gym after working hours, or play a game of futsal through Goal Post, our futsal club.


By participating in variety of fun activities, learning programmes, parties and celebrations, Ferunians will not only get to learn new things, but be rewarded in the process as well! Every participation in the Feruni Club will be rewarded with points, which can be accumulated to convert into Feruni Ringgit at the Happiness Bank. The Feruni Ringgit can then be used to redeem attractive rewards, such as snacks and drinks from our Happiness Café, special meals, massages, designer haircuts and more!


As Ferunians invest their time with Feruni, they are also investing in themselves as they will be rewarded with a variety of lifestyle treats. The more they give, the more they receive in return!

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