Feruni's Unique Talent Audition

September 8, 2016

Feruni is constantly in search of exceptional talents to join our growing family. However, formal one-to-one interviews are a thing of the past in our hiring process. In line with one of Feruni’s core purposes of cultivating talents, we have designed a totally unique Talent Audition that lets you have a fun and memorable interview session.


Unlike conventional interview sessions, the Talent Audition is a two-way process that lets us get to know the talents better and vice versa. We believe in matching the right people to the right jobs in order for them to be happy in what they do. 


At the same time, we aim to unlock each talent's hidden potential so they will be able to achieve transformation in their lives. Therefore, our comprehensive audition process ensures that we discover talents who are not only the right fit for their specific roles, but also those who can assimilate into our unique Feruni culture. 



Before the Talent Audition takes place, talents go through a Pre-Audition programme where they’re invited to embark on the Discover Feruni Tour. This session allows talents to have a first-hand experience of our dynamic and fun workspace and culture before they participate in the Talent Audition while giving them the opportunity to determine if Feruni is where they would like to kick-start their new career or to bring their career to new heights. 


At the same time, we will also conduct a Personality Assessment of each talent. Apart from giving us a better understanding of the talents’ personalities, it also serves as a guideline for us to explore and cultivate the hidden talent of the candidates so we’ll be able to create a personalised career path for each of them. 


The Talent Audition offers an in-depth evaluation of each talent's competency for their intended roles within the organisation and consists of two parts: Culture Assessment and Technical Assessment. 


The Culture Assessment helps to determine the "cultural fit" of each talent into the organisation, and involves a Personal Value Analysis, Sharing of Life Experiences, Strength Finding Assessment, Moment Sharing, and Talent Performance. Meanwhile, the Technical Assessment determines a talent's competencies related to the specific roles they are auditioning for through role plays, presentations, mathematical test, written test and more. 


After further assessment and deliberation by the Talent Agents, a successful talent will be notified no later than two days after the Talent Audition.


Do you want to be a part of the Feruni family? Apply now and show us what you've got!

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