A Journey of Discovery

June 7, 2016


Our culture is a huge part of Feruni. As a brand, our culture leads us in achieving transformation in the industry. As an organisation, our culture guides us in achieving transformation in our workplace, our environment, and ultimately in ourselves.



Driven by our goal of delivering happiness in every aspect of our business, our culture revolves around 4 pillars of happiness: Cultivate Talent, Community, Transformation and Value-Based Organisation. As a part of our ongoing CSR efforts, we have established the Discover Feruni Tour, a programme open to registered visitors who are interested to get to know our culture and our organisation better.


Since the beginning of 2014, we have undergone a major refurbishment exercise to create a work environment that reflects our culture of delivering happiness. For starters, we took down walls that once segregated the management level and converted the layout into an open plan space so there are no physical barriers across all levels of the organisation. To allow better work-life integration amongst all Ferunians, we have integrated a variety of lifestyle-driven facilities, including a gym and fitness centre, a recreation room, a café, auditorium and library.


Our culture is not only reflected in our infrastructure. We have introduced numerous in-house activities and programmes to cultivate our core values. Among them is our Culture Day, where we have a variety of activities lined up to enrich all Ferunians, such as motivational talks by VIP guests and visits to charity homes in our bid to give back to the community.




On a daily basis, Ferunians are encouraged to practise Feruni’s core values, which they will receive a Medal of Honour. Those who participate in in-house activities will also be able to accumulate reward points, which can be converted into Feruni Ringgit. The Feruni Ringgit can then be redeemed for snacks and beverages at Feruni’s Happiness Café or lifestyle treats such as a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day, movie tickets or a manicure session.


Visitors will get a taste of all these elements when they join the Discover Feruni Tour. You may be wondering, “What’s the point of opening your doors to visitors for free?”. The Discover Feruni Tour is not for gaining profits. In fact, we’re opening the tour to registered visitors for free to inspire others – whether it is an individual or an entire organisation – to transform their workspaces and work culture. It is a part of our CSR initiative because we simply believe in being a part of something bigger than ourselves.


We also believe that “seeing is believing”, so make a date with Feruni and book yourself on the Discover Feruni Tour to experience our culture and work environment. The Discover Feruni Tour is conducted every Monday (except the third week of the month and public holidays). Reserve your slot with Ms Gina at 016-661 7836 (ginakuan@feruni.com)


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