6 Most Memorable Talent Performances at Feruni

At Feruni, we are always searching for the brightest talents to join our family. To unleash the hidden talent within each and every candidate who walks through our doors, we have designed a unique Talent Audition to help us match the right people to the right roles.

Unlike a conventional interview process, our Talent Audition involves a series of fun assessments to determine if a candidate is the best fit for our team. This includes a special segment, named the Talent Performance, where candidates can showcase their individual talents to our panel of judges. Candidates have the option to select any kind of performance they wish, including singing, dancing or drawing.

Every once in a while, we come across extraordinary talents who put on a showstopping performance that wowed our Talent Agents and made a lasting impression. Here are six of the most memorable performances witnessed by our Talent Agents, in no particular order:

1. The Songbird

When a candidate of Malay ethnicity walked in and announced that he would be singing for us, we never expected him to belt out a Chinese song fluently. This Chinese-speaking lad, who has won a Chinese singing contest, crooned so melodiously that Ferunians in the office who heard him performing even applauded when he was done!

2. The Brushstroke Artist

Calligraphy is regarded as one of the highest forms of Chinese art, one that requires loads of patience and practise. During his Talent Performance segment, a candidate wrote the Chinese character “dance” in calligraphy, which was infused with the figurine of a female dancer. Needless to say, the result of this artwork was simply amazing!

3. The Martial Experts

Showcasing their talents and skills with physical movements, a male and female candidate both performed self-defence martial arts and tai chi, respectively. The male candidate was a trainer in self-defence for women and demonstrated to our judges the different kinds of movements that women can protect themselves with. Equally impressive was the tai chi demonstration in the famous 16 forms, which was performed elegantly by our female candidate.

4. The Illustrator

When it comes to talent, you’ll never know what’s hidden in each and every individual. For example, one of our candidates - who came from the pharmaceutical industry and auditioned for a position in the project sales team - has a hidden talent in drawing comics. During the Talent Performance, she showcased her creative side and impressed the judges with her live sketching of comics.

5. The Baker

The Feruni workspace was filled with the wafting aromas of freshly made pancakes when a candidate showcased her talent for cooking and baking. She even has her own online business of selling baked goods such as cupcakes, and she had brightened up everyone’s day with her sweet treats.

6. The Magician

Our Talent Agents were treated to an entertaining show when a candidate opted to perform a card trick. His quick moves and nimble fingers had the judges dazzled, proving that he has hidden a few tricks up his sleeves, but he surely did not conceal his talent!

Got a hidden talent that you want to show us? Get discovered by sending in your resume and CV to our Talent Agents at

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