A New Kind Of Tile Shopping Experience

When it’s time to renovate a home, one of the most dreaded things on the to-do list is making the trip to the tiling shop. Selecting new, shiny tiles for your home is supposed to be fun. Similar to picking a new paint colour for your walls, selecting tiles gives you the freedom to choose the colour and design that you like for your home.

It should be a fun process, you say to yourself, until you arrive at a traditional tiles shop. When you’re faced with messy stacks and piles of tiles all cramped into a tiny shop, finding your perfect tile design feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. The shop owner is most likely very experienced in the technical aspects of tiling, but you’re basically on your own if you hope to seek advice on the best designs to match the theme of your home.

All these issues are a thing of the past the moment you step into the Feruni Retail Store. Designed to break away from the conventions of the tiling industry, the Feruni Retail Store, or FRS as we like to call it, transforms not only the way the industry works, but also the customer experience of shopping for tiles.

At the FRS, shopping for tiles feels like shopping for the latest iPhone. The customer buying experience is top-notch, thanks to 6 key elements that are integrated into every FRS nationwide.

First of all, the FRS looks nothing like a traditional tiling shop. In fact, the environment looks and feels more like a tile gallery or a showcase of the latest decorating trends. It is the perfect spot to get new ideas for your renovating project, as a variety of i Space display set-ups features Feruni’s tile collections that show you what you can do with each room in your house – from kitchen and bathroom to living room and bedroom. These set-ups are supported by the i Panel, handy information boards placed next to each tile collection so you can learn more about the tiles details at a glance.

One of the best things about the FRS is that you can walk into any FRS and see, touch and play with the tiles. At the Mix & Match corner is a wall of sample tile chips in every design, surface and colour available at Feruni that lets you mix and match different tiles to create interesting designs. You can even bring home tile samples to see if they match with your home. And you can do all this without any obligation to purchase.

If you need help, Feruni’s friendly Solution Consultants are ever-ready to answer any tiling-related questions. The one-to-one customer service means that you can be assured of getting personalised tiling advice and suggestions based on your individual needs and preferences. If you have trouble visualising how the tiles would look like in your home, the i Create interior design software shows you a 3D rendering of your space before you make a purchase.

Making decisions on the designs, colours, surfaces, shapes and sizes amongst the hundreds of options available can sometimes be an overwhelming experience for many people. If it happens to you, simply take a break at the i Bar, a cosy corner where you can kick back and relax with a cup of freshly brewed Nespresso coffee.

With all these unique elements packed into one, the FRS has made shopping for tiles both an enjoyable and memorable experience. Even if you’re not looking to renovate your home, there’s always a reason to visit the FRS, whether to get inspiration from the latest tile designs, or just for the coffee.

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