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Celebrating New Frontiers at Feruni

Feb 25, 2016

The new year marks a new era for Feruni as we unveil the Feruni Tiling Academy, the first specialised tiling training programme in Malaysia.


Established in collaboration with CIDB Holdings Group, the Feruni Tiling Academy offers sponsorships focused on the education of tiling installation methodology and best practices. This CSR project aims to benefit not just the community, which is one of the core purposes of Feruni, but also to uplift the professionalism of the tiling industry.


Ultimately, our goal is to achieve sustainability by equipping the less privileged groups with professional technical skills to transform their lives, while enabling successful students to contribute back to the programme as trainers.


The Feruni Tiling Academy is launched in conjunction with Feruni’s 6th anniversary on 25th February 2016. The celebration includes the introduction of our latest collections, Marmo 3.0 and Mineral X, in addition to the unveiling of the new UniQreka show gallery.

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