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June 01, 2016

With changing consumer behaviours, luxury products are in higher demand now more than ever. Today’s consumers seek not only luxury, but a total lifestyle concept with a unique user experience that they can afford. At Feruni, we are constantly evolving to meet the current needs of consumers by making products that create a sense of luxury yet at the same time is highly accessible. This is what we term as “affordable luxury”.


Feruni has always been a brand that is synonymous with premium quality tiles featuring the world’s latest trends and a world class shopping experience. As we move forward towards the “affordable luxury” direction, we offer tiles that are within our customer’s reach without compromising on our premium tiles design, quality and service.


“By offering products that are affordable, we hope that more people are able to enjoy beautiful tiles in their homes. At the same time, we hope this will give Feruni a competitive edge in a challenging consumer market and create a win-win situation for both Feruni and our customers,” says Dato’ CC Ngei, Managing Director of Feruni Ceramiche Sdn Bhd.


To achieve this, Feruni works hard to improve the efficiency of our entire supply chain and our pricing reflects the costs savings that we can pass back to customers. This involves the economy of scale as we increase operational efficiencies and production volume to lower costs. Customers are also able to benefit from the direct pricing structure when they purchase from the Feruni Retail Store and Premium Reseller without having to fork out the additional costs of middle men.


Simultaneously, we employ innovative tile designs and production solutions to increase efficiency of raw materials and processes. By employing state-of-the-art technology, we are able to reduce wastages and increase output of our products, which translate to additional cost savings for customers.


“We are committed in providing the best value to customers through a unique shopping experience, premium products and affordable pricing at Feruni,” Dato CC Ngei notes. “For every pricing that we implement, we assure that it is the best pricing that we could offer at the time of customer’s purchase.”


He adds, “It is in our purpose to transform the industry by creating tile that bring every architecture piece to full colour & life.  We want to ensure that all customers enjoy great value and prices in a fair and equal manner.”

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