Materia Project is a coordinated porcelain and glass tile project different materials, colours and surfaces which integrate perfectly with one another.




Combining the sought-after materials of Natural Wood + Cement + Fabric + Glass with neutral colours and contrasting shades for stunning results.

New surfaces and refreshing colours offer a mix-and-match solution that evokes excitement. Materia Project is the point of arrival for creative expression, where clean lines and decisive colours are the perfect ingredients that give dwelling places a strong expressive value. Simple and sophisticated, this collection is a constant balance between old style craftsmanship and modernism, art and design, through a delicate and attractive line of colours.

A mood board is a type of technique of art production that may consist of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition of the choice of the creator. The Materia Project mood boards serve as a visual tool to communicate the different styles and solutions that can be achieved with a variation of materials, colours and surfaces.



The dark and light contrasts are inspired by the rich immaculate colours of paint. 8 colours in total for selection, with 4 neutral and 4 contrasting colour shades.