Get Inspired With Feruni’s Inspired by Designers Series.

Feruni unveils a symphony of Art, Beauty and Inspiration with the Inspired by Designers Series, where a diverse array of tile elements is seamlessly integrated to create extraordinary tile combinations.

The interplay of surfaces, designs, patterns, colours and sizes offers unparalleled versatility for diverse interior and architectural applications while helping you to spark inspiration in your design projects and infuse new ideas into residential and commercial spaces.

The collections featured in the Inspired by Designers series consist of:

  • Free Upsize: Size up your tiles and scale up the style factor while staying within your renovation budget.
  • Where Materials Unite: An integration that allows you to have the best of two materials – from the combination of marble, cement or wood – in a single space.
  • Maxima Sizes: Large-format tiles that help to add a touch of luxury to any space.
  • Décor Tiles: Personalise your space with a wide range of designs, colours and patterns.
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