A Piece of Joy

Yayasan Feruni collaborates with homes for underprivileged children on a meaningful campaign titled “A Piece of Joy”, which brings happiness through creative artwork of the children on a piece of Feruni tile. This campaign is yet another designed offering under our yayasan’s overall “Income Idependence Initiative” in which we partner with eight children homes located around Klang Valley.

The children from homes supported by Yayasan Feruni produced a variety of artworks based on two themes. The first theme is “Good Vibes”, which translates to the positive feelings or emotions felt through someone or something. The second theme focuses on “World Leaves”, where leaves symbolise growth and represent tiles as a sustainable material to protect Mother Earth.

These “A Piece of Joy” tiles offer multiple usages such as coasters, paperweights, decorative items and more. Each set contains two pieces of tile and is sold for RM25 and can be purchased through Feruni. Customisation for corporate gifts with company logo is available with a minimum order quantity of 100 sets.

We humbly request for your kind participation by making a purchase of these carefully crafted tiles. All profits from the sale go to the children homes.

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