A Journey of Magical Experiences

Feruni recently collaborated with Bon Estates and Auto Bavaria in a joint event to showcase luxury living at its finest. Named the BON Experience, the event provided a culmination of magical experiences through tiling solutions together with lifestyle experiences and automotive technology.


The two-day BON Experience event took selected guests on an immersive journey from Bon Estates Gallery in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur to the Feruni Retail Store Tebrau III in Johor Bahru to embark on a magical experience where art, beauty and inspiration converge at our largest Feruni Retail Store in Malaysia.


Guests who visited Feruni Retail Store Tebrau III were given an up-close look and feel of the Feruni brand hosted by Feruni’s Managing Director Dato’ CC Ngei alongside other senior management team members during the immersive session.

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