Geometry is given a three-dimensional spin with I Rhombus, where a series of rhombus motifs are collectively arranged to bring texture and depth to any surface. The introduction of an infusion of colours and shades further elevates its aesthetic, providing different visual effects depending on the perspective.


XXL: (H) 387 x (W)670mm Area :0.13m²
XL: (H) 283 x (W)490mm Area : 0.067m²
L: (H) 218 x (W)378mm Area : 0.0413m²

M: (H) 160.3 x (W)278mm Area : 0.0221m²

S: (H) 105.5 x (W) 182.2mm Area : 0.0099m²
XS: (H) 88.5 x (W)153mm Area : 0.0069m²
Mini: (H) 275 x (W) 299mm Area : 0.049m²

Floor & Wall