Pyramids existed since the ancient times and continues to become an iconic shape in modern-day architecture. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the glass-clad pyramid of the Louvre in Paris, the remarkable shape of pyramids has stood the test of time. The i Pyramid reimagines the shape of antiquity in contemporary urban settings, offering great form and injecting visual interest. It is derived from the equilateral triangle shape in which all three sides are equal in length. With a variety of dimensions available, including mini décor tiles, the i Pyramid is ideal for making a statement in interior applications.


XXL: (H) 335mm x (W) 387 | Area: 0.0648m²
XL: (H)245mm x (W) 283 | Area: 0.0347m²
L: (H) 189mm x (W) 218 | Area: 0.02065m²

M: (H) 139mm x (W) 160.3 | Area: 0.0111m²

S: (H) 91.1mm x (W) 105.5 | Area: 0.005m²
XS: (H) 76.5mm x (W) 88.5 | Area: 0.00345m²
Mini: (H) 260mm x (W) 275 | Area: 0.065m²

Floor & Wall