Geometrically speaking, a regular hexagon has all sides of the same length. Each of its internal angles is 120°. The longest diagonals of a regular hexagon, connecting diametrically opposite vertices, are twice the length of one side. An example of this shape taken from nature is the beehive honeycomb. And interestingly, due to its six-sided shape, France, measuring 1000km from North to South and 1000km from East to West, is often called the Hexagon.


XXL: (H) 691 x (W)798mm Area : 0.4136m²
XL: (H) 518 x (W)598mm Area : 0.23m²
L: (H) 280 x (W)323mm Area : 0.0681m²

M: (H) 184.5 x (W)213mm Area : 0.0295m²

S: (H) 179 x (W)155mm Area : 0.0207m²
XS: (H) 125 x (W)144mm Area : 0.0135m²
Mini: (H) 300 x (W)282mm Area : 0.077m²

Floor & Wall