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Feruni Retail Store Penang Welcomes Signature Kitchen


December 16, 2019


Feruni is pleased to welcome Signature Kitchen onboard as our partner at the Feruni Retail Store in Penang. Feruni has been collaborating with Signature Kitchen for many years and we are very pleased to take our collaboration to the next level. Signature Kitchen is a clear market leader and their strategic move to relocate their showroom to Feruni Retail Store Penang further shows their relentless commitment in delivering more value, world-class designs and premium quality to customers –qualities which are deep rooted in the Feruni brand.


This is a story where premium meets premium as Freruni tiles make the best fit for Signature Kitchens, and vice versa. Our collaboration is not only about sharing a venue. Together, the synergistic partnership between Feruni and Signature Kitchen aims to create greater value for customers and to drive brand awareness through joint A&P efforts.

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