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Art. Beauty. Inspiration.


Feruni is not just in the business of tiles.


We are in the business of creating, designing and curating artistic tiles that inspire people by transforming living and working spaces into magical experiences.


And we want to share the magical experience of Feruni tiles with you as our Feruni Partner.



A Rewards Program in the building industry. 
Feruni Partners is created to bring extra value to our members by offering special privileges and benefits.

This loyalty program is specially designed for Interior Designers, Contractors & Architects.

Interior Designers





Tile Redemption

Redeem Feruni tiles with your accumulated points.


Access to Tiles Image Library

​Unlimited access to the latest tile design trends and collections that reflect Feruni's essence of Art, Beauty, Inspiration. 


Special Promotions

​Enjoy exclusive seasonal promotions that come with double/triple points catered ONLY for Feruni Partners.


VIP Events

​Exclusive invitation to special events, seminars and tiling workshops with ample networking opportunities with like-minded professionals.


Red Carpet Treatment

Treat our world-class Feruni Retail Stores at 10 locations nationwide as your office with privileged access to free one-to-one consultation, 3D visualisation and complimentary refreshments for you and your customers. You can also request for a sales kit and free site visits for measurements.


Cash Redemption

Convert your Feruni Partner Points into cash value.

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