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Feruni Goes Global

December 15, 2017

We are proud to announce the opening of our very first international Feruni Retail Store in Guangzhou, China in early 2018. The new FRS marks a huge milestone for Feruni as we venture into the international arena with our unique offering of the world’s latest tile trends together with a world-class user experience.


Known as 豐屋寧 (pronounced fēng wù níng) in Chinese, it embodies everything that the Feruni brand stands for. 豐 Fēng, which means lavish and abundant, represents the wide variety of versatile designs in the Feruni tiles collection. 屋 Wù, a word to describe the home, represents the living spaces that are transformed with Feruni tiles. Last but not least, 寧 Níng means tranquillity and signifies the peaceful and welcoming environment of a beautifully designed home. Together, these words combine to symbolise the transformation of spaces for every home with Feruni tiles.


Situated strategically on the ground floor of the Anhua Mall in Guangzhou, the new FRS spans 5,500 square feet and employs the interplay of metal accents and wood tone together with texture and lighting to create a modern and industrial look and feel. Upon stepping into the new FRS, visitors are greeted by a series of intricate timber elements complemented with black aluminium louvres to produce a dazzling visual effect which is further enhanced by floating light balls on the ceiling.


Incorporated with Feruni’s signature six key experiences, the new FRS houses multiple

i Space displays of the latest tile trends alongside i Panel tile information boards to provide visitors with a wide variety of ideas and inspiration. Also available is the Mix & Match corner with sample chips which visitors can bring home, one-to-one professional consultation, i Create 3D visualisations as well as the i Bar lounge with freshly brewed Nespresso coffee.


The new FRS’s location at Anhua Mall places Feruni amongst a host of renowned international furnishing brands. Designed with the theme of “Noah’s Ark”, the 3.2 million square feet family-friendly shopping mall also features a recreation park, Garden of Eden, organic farm and multiple green and nature-inspired spaces.

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