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Feruni Returns To The Bursa Bull Charge 2017

September 12, 2017

For the third consecutive year, Feruni charges ahead again at The Bursa Bull Charge 2017. As with previous years, Feruni’s participation is not only limited to being a main sponsor of this prestigious event but also to race against other corporate organisations for a good cause. This year, Feruni will be represented by six teams for the race in addition to a team for the CEO race, all of which consist of 26 runners in total.


Contributing to the community is an important element of the Feruni culture and we are committed to do our part via various CSR initiatives, as both an individual and organisational effort. Our dedication to making a positive impact in the community whether in good times or bad times is reflected through various values-led initiatives tailored to various areas of focus, such as the The Bursa Bull Charge 2017 which benefits organisations focused on promoting Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship.

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