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Feruni Wins At SOBA 10th Anniversary Celebration


December 10, 2019


The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) champions business excellence while recognising successful Malaysian businesses who have carved a market for themselves locally, regionally or internationally.


As an alumnus of SOBA, Feruni is once again recognised for its outstanding achievements as a leading tiles brand in Malaysia at the SOBA 10th Anniversary Celebration with three prominent awards.


Dato’ CC Ngei, Managing Director of Feruni, is name an SME Advocate for his contribution to the SME community by sharing his knowledge and business know-how to help chart a new path for SMEs to move forward. Feruni also garnered an award in the “Powerhouse” category, having won more than three Platinum or Grand Winner awards in the last decade. Additionally, Feruni was also awarded in the “Most Awards Won” category which recognises those who have won three or more awards in any category in the past 10 years.

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