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Feruni Culture Centre is geared towards 

delivering and

spreading happiness 

throughout the entire organisation.
We uphold

Feruni Core Values

with pride and dignity, watching over every Ferunian with fairness and equality. 

We are united by the same core values and Feruni Culture

in our work or personal life.

Feruni Club provides a platform for all Ferunians to learn, play, share and develop their skills with one another. Each Ferunian is given an opportunity for personal development in terms of leadership, teamwork and diversity via the participation of group activities such as tournaments, competitions, games, outings and training sessions. It’s an avenue for Ferunian to cultivate team spirit, have fun at work and learn something new each day.


Knowledge is power. Read up and share your insights at Feruni's library.


Unleash your inner talents and realise your dream of becoming a star at Feruni's singing, dancing and movie club.


A strong body equals to a strong mind. Get fit through a selection of gym amenities and fitness programs.


Learn how to cook up a storm and delight your friends and family with your newly acquired cooking and baking skills.


Unwind with a game of pool, PlayStation 4, foosball, ping pong or board games with fellow Ferunians.


Bend it like Beckham over friendly matches of futsal.