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Community is one of the pillars of Feruni’s culture, as both an individual and organisational effort to make a positive contribution to the community around us. We fulfil our Corporate Social Responsibility through values-led initiatives tailored to various areas of focus.

Our Mission


Community Hours


Profit After Tax

To achieve a collective total of 3,000 community hours annually among all Ferunians

To contribute 10% of profit after tax to the community

3000 Community Hours

Discover Feruni Tour

An up-close and personal look at Feruni’s culture and workspace.

Pro Bono Volunteering

A skill-based volunteer work to help those in need.

Radius 360

A localised initiative to make an impact in the surrounding community.


To support educational programmes and improve access to quality education in the local community.



Motivational activities to encourage positive impact in every individual.

The Discover Feruni Tour is a comprehensive tour of Feruni to explore our organisation and workspace as we share the Feruni culture, theory and thought to inspire visitors to make a positive transformation in their personal and professional lives.

Feruni aims to make a difference in the community by starting with those nearest to us. Radius 360° is an initiative which serves the communities located within a 5 km radius from each of our retail stores nationwide. It enables us to reconnect with the surrounding local community to address current issues while inspiring others to be more mindful of the needs in their own community.


Radius 360° works closely with the local communities to establish a more sustainable engagement. One of the methods is by encouraging our employees to volunteer with local NGOs to form long-term partnerships or to initiate their own projects which will have a lasting impact to the community.

We are committed to cultivating our talents through all means, including volunteer work. Skill-based volunteering or pro bono volunteering is one of our focus in delivering happiness to the community. By offering our professional skills to NGOs and the community free of charge, we are able to help build up their capacity while we learn and improve our skills at the same time.


Education is one of the main areas of focus in Feruni’s CSR initiatives. Our education-led initiatives such as sponsorships are created to improve access to quality education and facilities for students to transform individual lives and the community. Ultimately, we strive to educate the youths of the community to become the next-generation thought leaders and continue to create a positive impact in their own communities.


Feruni aims to contribute positively to the society in the hopes of enriching and improving the lives of the community through various activities such as inspirational and motivational talks to encourage positive impact in every individual. 


It is our responsibility to contribute back to Mother Earth by starting with an eco-friendly workplace and practices to promote sustainability in the long term. We strongly believe that these little actions help to make a positive contribution to the environment while ensuring our current needs do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Green Office

We reduce our ecological footprint with green practices in the workplace.

3R Campaign

We Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to minimise waste


We adopt an eco-friendly packaging design to reduce waste and energy usage


Resource Management

We have a recycling hub in all of our retail stores to encourage proper waste management amongst employee and even customers! Besides promoting 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) practices in the office to raise awareness in improving our overall consumption behaviour, we also conduct stationary recycling day to manage our office resources from time to time.


We are also constantly improving our merchandising behaviour by choosing more sustainable and environmental friendly products to be used in our workspace. For instance, we opt for toxic-free cleaning products that are more gentle to the environment, and we equipped our office with lighting energy-efficient LED bulbs to save energy and resources.


Supporting sustainable merchandising

Our future plans to “greenify” our offices include installing a rain harvesting system at our retail stores as part of our initiative to reduce water consumption, as well as a composting project using the organic waste from our office to develop an edible garden.


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