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May 18, 2017

In our ongoing efforts to become an eco-friendly company, we’re constantly finding ways to adopt sustainable approaches in every aspect of our business. Hence, we will replace the Feruni paper bag with the Feruni tote bag from June 2017 onwards at all Feruni Retail Stores nationwide.


The Feruni tote bag may be used by customers during shopping at Feruni. Once customers are done with their shopping, they can choose to return the tote bag or bring it home at RM5 each. Additional tote bags can be purchased from our stores.


The Feruni tote bag is a reusable shopping bag to help cut down on the environmental impact of using paper or plastic bags. Every purchase of the Feruni tote bag makes more than just an environmental difference. It also contributes to a good cause as all proceeds from the tote bag sales go to the Feruni Tiling Academy (FTA). 


The FTA is a CSR initiative with the aim to uplift the lives of the community and transform the tiling industry. FTA offers sponsorships for a training programme focused on the education of tiling installation methodology and best practices. It is developed to enhance the level of competency and professionalism while nurturing young entrepreneurs in the tiling industry.


We thank you for your kind support in helping us to make a difference.

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