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An industry leader of premium ceramic tiles in Malaysia, Feruni Ceramiche represents the new generation of the tiling industry with products and concepts that transcend conventional perceptions.


Feruni has continuously sought transformation in every aspect of its business. From delivering the world’s latest tile trends to creating a world-class shopping environment, Feruni turns on the wow-factor with its innovative products and solutions. Feruni’s commitment in transforming the tiling industry is also reflected in its unique culture that’s focused on cultivating talents and making a positive impact in the community.


Not just a trendsetter, Feruni is a pioneer in taking conventional tiles beyond the square shape with its signature i Shape series. This breakthrough collection offers a stunning variety of tiles inspired by natural geometrical elements of nature to infuse a lifestyle element into any environment. With diverse shapes ranging from hexagons and triangles to circles and axes, i Shape effortlessly captures every self-expression and style.


Feruni’s product innovations as well as a wide range of tile collections can be found at eight Feruni Retail Stores in major cities across Malaysia. Created to offer a world-class shopping experience, each showroom is infused with six key elements that have become hallmarks of the Feruni Retail Store. 


Designed with a total lifestyle concept within a contemporary ambiance, the Feruni Retail Store consists of dazzling i Space display set-ups of Feruni’s tile collections to lend endless ideas and inspiration while the informational i Panel boards offer all the details you need at a glance.


The Feruni Retail Store also features a Mix & Match corner to provide unlimited design possibilities from Feruni's product range, whereas the i Bar is the perfect spot to take a break with a cup of freshly brewed Nespresso. On top of that, personalised services, one-to-one consultation and i Create 3D renderings are available to assist you in identifying the best tiling solution for your space. 


Feruni is all about creating a unique touch and delivering happiness in every step of your tiling journey, making it a one-of-a-kind destination for those who seek to transform their dream homes into reality. 

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