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Beautiful Designs Within Reach


February 24, 2022


Explore the endless design possibilities with Feruni's Mix and Match tiles, where the right combination can do wonders to achieve your desired style. Feruni’s Mix & Match makes it easier and quicker for you to find what you are looking for. Pre-select tile collections are available for a variety of looks, from modern and contemporary to classic and luxurious.


Now, we are introducing an even broader range of Mix & Match tiles to help you reflect your style and realise your design vision:



Our latest design concept is Japandi, a Zen-inspired minimalist style that sparks serenity and an appreciation for nature.



A sleek yet simplistic design concept that focuses on the depth of materials and blend of colours to create an evergreen style.



A sophisticated design concept that brings a sense of minimalism to interiors with a subtle colour palette.


Modern Luxury

The modern luxury design concept combines neutral colours with bold accents to portray understated elegance in the interiors.


Enjoy up to 20% discount on Feruni’s Mix and Match package to bring your dream design concept to life at affordable pricing.


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