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A brand that puts people, passion and purpose at the forefront.


The story of Feruni stems from the mantra of “Think Different”. Driven by the vision to do things differently and bring transformation to the tiling industry, our founder and managing director Dato’ C. C. Ngei founded Feruni in 2010. Going against convention and ignoring all objections, Dato’ C.C. Ngei decided to sell only one brand of tiles. He also introduced avant-garde ceramic tile designs, built world-class retail stores and streamlined the buying experience for customers. 


Today, Feruni is an industry leader for premium ceramic tiles, delivering the world’s latest tile trends together with a world class customer experience in major cities across Malaysia. Backed by more than 20 years of experience and technical know-how in producing quality tiles, Feruni brings together design trends with cutting-edge technological innovations to produce a wide range of collections that appeal to a diverse market segmentation.


At Feruni, we are driven by our purpose to deliver happiness simply because your happiness matters to us.

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At Feruni it is all about happiness, a place where we emphasise on the interaction between Feruni, Ferunian, a guest, and a customer over the duration of the relationship. Here at Feruni, we do what we love and we do it together like a family, making a positive impact to our community, while delivering world class customer experience. Our driving force is simply to ensure everyone has a great experience with us.



We are a purpose driven organisation, where our entire business model is built upon the 4 pillars of Happiness.

Cultivate Talent Feruni Core Value
Cultivate Talents

At Feruni, people have always been the dearest asset in our organisation. Our motivation runs deep in matching the right people to their passion and nurturing these talents. We strive to unlock every Ferunian's hidden potential, unleash their unique talent and bring them to new heights. 

Feruni Core Value Community

It is our ambition to touch everyone's lives, whether it is our fellow Ferunians, the society or everyone around us. Our ultimate goal is to inspire everyone to be committed to creating a positive impact and contributing towards the greater good of the community. As the saying goes, "small things can lead to bigger things". 

Feruni Core Value Transformation

To achieve progress, we must firstly embrace changes in our own mind and heart in order to have self development. Through our determination to transform our traditional ways in the tiling business, we are able to ultimately transcend the entire tiling industry. 

Feruni, A Value Based Organisation
Value Based Organisation

Feruni culture is shaped by 10 core values shared among everyone within the organisation. These ground rules establish the foundation and guiding principles for decision-making, actions and a sense of community in both our personal and professional lives. We are optimistic in finding the perfect balance between personal values and the organisation's values to create a unified and motivate workforce, resulting in the fulfilment of "work life integration".

Feruni 10 Core Values
To Deliver Happiness
Deliver Wow

A WOW is an experience dedicated to the receiver’s heart, which produces an overwhelming, sweet, fun, special, warm, fuzzy and happy feeling. It can be a gift, a surprise, an act or anything that is creative or innovative as a gesture of appreciation to the recipient. It can bring out a positive emotion in you, always leaves good memories and the best part is it is quite addictive. At Feruni, what matters most is how good you make people feel. We are committed to deliver WOW to our customers, fellow Ferunians, our family, our vendors and our partners in the long run.

Communicate with Heart

We seek communication among Ferunians not just by words in speaking nor in writing, but with the best intention in our hearts and with a selfless notion when we are doing so. It is the openness that reflects the honesty and truthfulness between the communicator and the attention given by the listener. This communication forms a positive connection between one another to bond a relationship with good faith and trust.

Demonstrate Talent

We celebrate and embrace our diversity, individuality and each person’s awesomeness! We want people to love what they are doing, and by doing so their passion, interest, creativity, enthusiasm and initiative will blossom. We are committed in providing support and help to every Ferunian to grow personally, professionally and eventually unlock their hidden talent. Stretching our limits and volunteering for new challenges without hesitation, stretching ourselves in pursue of growth. The talent in each one of us is cultivated and reflected in our interactions with one another, while we foster changes for the good, build confidence and become a role model in our community.

We Care For Everyone Like Family

We are a team and a family in a friendly, warm and positive environment. By supporting each other through the bad times and watching out for each other, the close ties pull us together to overcome any hurdles. Our care for everyone like family stems from the cultivation of virtue, understanding, trust, care and appreciation among one another. The best team does not only work closely with each other but also interact with each other outside the office environment to nurture care that goes far beyond the co-worker relationship.

Be Innovative

Changes will happen in every growing company. We must all learn not to fear changes, but to embrace and be driven by it. We must be innovative and continue to stay ahead of competition by being creative. Never be complacent and accept the norm, just because that’s the way things have always been done. Accept challenges with an open mind, constantly seek adventure and have fun exploring new possibilities to create innovative solutions on top of being efficient and effective.

Emphasize on Fine Details

The level of care, passion, focus and attention narrows down to the emphasis on fine details, where breakthrough achievements, the greatest acts and outstanding products are created. It can be as simple as crosschecking and reconstructing our entire work at the last minute in our effort to pursue perfection. It is our way to enhance our quality on every level and in any field with our sensitive and caring nature in thought, gesture, action and attention.

Practice Integrity, Honesty & Transparency

We are often clouded by our judgment when it concerns our own benefits. Being “true” to yourself is the wisdom achieved for practicing Integrity, Honesty and Transparency. It will guide us in making the correct choice and provide us with a reason for chasing nothing above and below this fine line. The greatest achievement is to obtain the openness and willingness among Ferunians and be respected as a trustworthy person with virtue.

Eager To Share

By expressing our care for everyone, Feruni cultivates an “eager to share” attitude among us. By sharing knowledge we will pass on the ability on how to get things done effective and efficiently, and by sharing experience we will pass on the skills in problem solving through our previous mistakes. By rendering assistance or volunteering to help is another way of expressing care by sharing burden. Helping every Ferunian to get on the right path to reach their ultimate goal.

Have Fun At Work

How we feel directly influences our work performance and environment. Having a fun working atmosphere that is more lively, exciting and less stressful makes everyone more alert and active. Having fun at work relaxes our mind and sharpens our senses to power up our creativity. By freeing our mind we will eventually free up our thinking ability, where an impossible problem will shrink to a simple solution. The ties between departments and staff are knitted more closely while putting away our differences for a harmonious and fun working environment.

Learn One Thing A Day

We seek growth and to expand our horizon steadily as humans are learning creatures. More often our learning process stops or slows down as we step into working life. At Feruni, we encourage continuous learning from each other and sharing our experience. Learning is the life source of innovation that provides us with more perspective while instilling confidence and the ability in adapting. “Learning One Thing A Day” will empower us with knowledge in the most ideal manner to deepen our character and to be more inspiring.

Feruni Tiling Industry
At Feruni, people are our greatest asset and we aim to transform every Ferunian's career into a remarkable journey to success.
Feruni Culture Centre is geared towards delivering and spreading happiness throughout the entire organisation.


Contributing to the community is an important element of our culture and we are committed to do our part via various CSR initatives.